Law is a long lasting peace treaty between people. What is right is also peaceful, even if it is obviously morally unjust..


Henri François d’Aguesseau, a French magistrate from the 17th century, once said that “law is as old as magistrature, likewise noble as virtue, as necessary as justice is.”

This statement is all the more true in the world we live in today, when economic fluctuations and legislative incoherence advanced as state law, could overwhelm anyone. Without any intention of offending one’s skills, nobody is born wise and it is basically impossible to maximise your chances, if you don’t ask for specialised help.

In this context, it is obvious that you have alternatives. There are around 600 lawyers only in Prahova county at this moment. But, since reality is always surprising, not all of them have the skills necessary for the job and not all of them are professionally trained.

Even though you’ve hired an elderly lawyer, with a popular name and extended experience, that is not a warranty of success in itself, although it might seem contradictory,. You have probably already heard of litigations finalised in disfavorable ways for the client, despite outrageously high wages for the lawyer/s; or similar services offered by less well known lawyers for uncomparable lower wages.

In conclusion, if you are looking for quality services, careful consideration for your problems, for wages proportional with the work offered, you are in the right place. With a diverse client portfolio both among physical and juridical clients, the Law firm practice Miu Ion Valentin is at your disposal for a wide range of services which will fully satisfy your needs.